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What Is Fiver?

What Is Fiver? fiverr.com, that’s fiver with an extra “r”, is an online marketplace for five dollar transactions:  $5 micro jobs.

Have you ever had small job that you needed done, but didn’t have the expertise or time to do it yourself? Did you wish there was an easy way to find someone willing to provide the service without going through over-priced and overqualified professional services? Or do you have a talent or ability that you would like to put to use earning a couple of extra dollars, but just don’t know an easy way to connect with anyone looking for those services? If so, then fiverr is the answer!

But What Is Fiver?

But what is Fiver? fiverr is an online service that connects buyers and sellers of small services that range from everyday run-of the mill technical services to the downright quirky. From marital advice to web graphic design to video messages delivered by ninjas, the type of services being requested and provided are virtually limitless. What makes this site unique is that the price for these services is set at the flat rate of $5, taking all the headache of negotiating completely out of the picture. It’s as simple as posting your service or request, then waiting for a response.

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What is Fiver? For those looking to provide a service, fiverr is an opportunity to turn a hobby or underutilized personal skill into something potentially profitable. Do you have a knack for photography? Do you enjoy creating arts and crafts in your spare time? Do you have years of parenting knowledge that others would find useful? Then take the five minutes to sign up for the site and post your service. In today’s diverse society, there’s someone out there looking for what you can provide. You’ll be notified when someone accepts your “gig”, and you’ll receive a $4 credit from fiverr 48 hours after you successfully complete your service. You will then be able to withdraw your payment from PayPal. It’s that easy. So what are you waiting for?

Buy A Fiverr micro jobs Gig

What is Fiver? If you’re seeking a service, it’s equally as easy to find what you’re looking for on Fiverr. Simply post an advertisement asking for a particular service, or browse through the existing advertisements from service providers. Need an original poem to give to that someone special on Valentine’s day? You’ll find it on Fiverr. Having strange dreams and need someone to interpret them for you? You’ll find it on Fiverr. Need something translated from a foreign language into English? You guessed it, it’s on Fiverr. Just sign up for an account and post your request or find your desired service. You’ll have 48 hours from when your service is delivered to request a fix if it isn’t to your liking to ensure that you are satisfied with the product.

What Is fiver Conclusion

And so we come back to that same question: What is Fiverr? Fiverr is a hip and cool way to connect with others who are seeking your valuable talents. Fiverr is where you can find the answer to your unique needs and requests, no matter how quirky or unusual. Here’s a Jeopardy answer: this site is a cool and hip place for anyone looking for hard-to-find help at a reasonable price or trying to put their unique personal skills to use while making a quick buck or two. Make sure it’s phrased in the form of a question: What is Fiverr?

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